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Crisp County is an ideal location for your business, with infrastructure in place to support your business well into the future.
We continue to upgrade community services so your business can keep up with the demands of doing business in today's global marketplace, including the upgrade of fiber networks and T1/DSL service throughout the community to provide seamless service to keep your business connected.

The City of Cordele offers ample water, sewer, and natural gas service to fuel business growth for commercial and industrial businesses, while Crisp County offers electric power and solid waste disposal.

High speed broadband capabilities
High speed point-to-point connectivity and internet services from 10Mb to 100Gigs.  

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Cellular, wireless, & fiber networks are available with capability up to T6.
Service Providers: AT&T/Bellsouth & MediaCom
Cellular: Alltel, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon

Electric Power
Possessing one of the few debt-free, county-owned hydroelectric generating plants in the country, Cordele/Crisp County provides some of the most inexpensive electrical power in the southeastern United States. The local hydroelectric plant is also backed up by a steam-powered turbine and a coal-fired generating plant. As a founding member of the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEAG), wholesale power is also purchased. When combined with electrical power generated locally, an exceptionally competitive industrial rate is available.

It has been the policy of the Crisp County Power Commission for many years to use the Georgia Public Service Commission-approved rates for the Georgia Power Company and apply a discount, so that our total revenues are only those needed to meet operating costs and make capital improvements.

The City of Cordele's wells have a combined water pumping capacity of 6,275 gals. per minute or 9.0 MGD. A static water pressure of 55-60 pounds (domestic system) and 90-100 pounds (high-pressure system) is maintained from four elevated storage tanks of 300,000 and 500,000 gallons, and from one ground storage tank of 500,000 gallons. Average daily consumption is 3.0 MGD. Chlorine and fluoride are added at the wells.

Total Daily Pumping Capacity 8.0 MGD (6 WELLS)
Average Daily Use  3.0 MGD
Excess Capacity  5.0 MGD

The following are the monthly water rates for Cordele residential, commercial, and industrial customers.
Inside Cordele City Limits: Base fee of $8.32, plus $2.86 per 1,000 gallons used
Outside Cordele City Limits: Base fee of $14.21, plus $4.22 per 1,000 gallons used

Cordele assesses the following charge for water meter connections:
3/4" meter $1,148.74/meter & tap
The costs of taps required for other meter sizes must be determined by the City Public Works Department prior to installation; 100% of installation costs must be paid in full by the customer prior to installation.

Cordele's Gum Creek Water Pollution Control Plant is on Perimeter Road to the west of the city. The facility is a two-stage biological advanced waste treatment plant, which provides for coarse screening, flow equalization, primary sedimentation, trickling filtration, secondary aeration for ammonia-nitrogen removal, final sedimentation, disinfection, and post aeration. Primary sludge is aerobically digested and dewatered on drying beds. The design capacity is 5.0 MGD with a yearly average of 3.0 MGD. The plant has the potential to treat another 2.0 MGD without any additions or construction.

Maximum Capacity 5.0 MGD
Yearly Average Flow 3.0 MGD
Excess Capacity  2.5 MGD

Inside Cordele City Limits: Base fee of $9.50, plus $2.49 per 1,000 gallons used
Outside Cordele City Limits: Base fee of $15.00, plus $4.52 per 1,000 gallons used
Natural Gas
The City of Cordele owns and operates its own natural gas distribution system, designed to operate at pressures between 24 psig and 35 psig. In addition there are approximately 11 miles of high pressure main with operating pressure up to 75 psig.

Cordele obtains its gas supply from South Georgia Natural Gas Company. Gas is purchased on Gl and I1 rates. To supplement the natural gas supply, the City of Cordele owns and operates a propane/air plant (peak shaving plant). The plant is designed to supplement the natural gas system at peak winter month demand use times. Liquid propane storage facilities consist of four 30,000 gallon tanks.

Solid Waste Disposal/Landfill
Crisp County operates a solid waste landfill on Highway 41 South. Private waste from county businesses and industries is accepted. Garbage and refuse collection for residential customers of the City of Cordele is $17.20/month. Commercial and industrial collection is contracted to a local refuse company.

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